About us

Speciale Perfumes is a licensed company by jobitel com the Department of Economic Development (Abu Dhabi). We provide beautiful designs of distinctive fragrances and our own individual scents made by proudly Emirati hands, where our foundation offers a selection of medadvice.net different jobitel.com Eastern and Western perfumes with modern and sophisticated design, and through our website we give https://xjobs.org/ you all this amazing and magical perfumes.

We also offer exclusive jobitel.com offers at different periods of time, and do not forget the exclusive versions of the special editions perfumes that we will provide in the near future, where we will prov jobitel ide you with these offers https://xjobs.org through our  page on “Instagram”.


Our Vision

To be the first in the field of high quality incense and perfume industry.

our values

Credibility and good handling with our customers.

Our mission (our hopes)

We seek to create a high quality aromatic products with perfect manufacturing, suit all tastes in form and substance.

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